Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall 2009

It is just starting to get colder in first fall! My "aunt" Laurie and "uncle" Nathan bought me a really cute dress (seen in below) to ensure I am in style this fall!

We took a trip to Knoxville where I got to see my cousin, Braden, and my second cousin, Andrew. It was fun...we got to dress up in our Halloween costumes! Also, we watched the UT vs UGA football game with Nini and Poppy...the Vols played so well and won!

This past weekend, we went to pick out my first pumpkin! I really liked them as I have never seen this before! Mommy and Daddy even bought me my own...just my size!

I also love hanging out with my cousins in Atlanta. Here is a good picture with my daddy and cousin, Hannah...